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Publicado el 11-28-2009
Reportero: Nathaniel Graham

Will we have bodies in heaven?

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Nathaniel Graham

I’ll never forget the conversation I had with my barber some years back. He heard I was training to be a Bible teacher and he asked what the Bible said about the afterlife. I told him. Then I asked what he thought about the afterlife. Excitedly, he began to weave this incredibly imaginative and creative postulation of a hybrid-heaven—half biblical and have fairytale. I remember thinking, “Does this guy really think he can imagine his heaven into existence?”

More and more the idea of heaven is turning into an amalgam of novel thoughts with one, central point missing—a glorified body. Guys like Deepak Chopra say that we are supposed to evaporate into the universe (that’s supposed to be encouraging just in case you missed it). Others say we are absorbed into God. Still others find a version of reincarnation to be their color of choice. Having a body in the afterlife is not seen as important anymore.

Let me give you some quick, biblical truths which establish the necessity of a bodily resurrection. Wishful thinking is not reality. Theories and myths are no better. But the propositional revelation of a BOOK written over a 2,500 year span with over 40 different authors who agree with a harmony that only the Holy Spirit could accomplish, is a source worth trusting. It was Lee Strobel who said that he never met an atheist who did not admit that if God created us, it is only logical that He would communicate with us. And the most obvious source of communication is the timeless Scripture. So what does God say about bodies in heaven? I’ll just make two points.

First, God created Adam and Eve as a sinless duplex—body and soul (Gen. 2:7; Matt. 10:28; I Thess. 5:25). That means that the ideal state of man was to glorify God in body and soul (Col. 1:16; Eph. 1:12). C. S. Lewis says, “You do not have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body.” First, as spiritual creatures we exist to glorify God. But our lives of worship were never made to be separated from the body. With the heart and mind we know God, but with the voice and hands we express that heart-filled praise to Him. Body and soul cooperate in our worship. That’s how God intended ...
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