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Publicado el 02-03-2010

St. Paul's Episcopal church disseminates proceeds of the 3rd. Annual distant neighbors Fair Trade Festival

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Photo 2010© Courtesy of Corey Marshall-Steele
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church

The phenomenal success of the 3rd Annual Distant Neighbors Fair Trade Festival allowed St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Georgetown not only to help the artisans and farmers who created the products sold at the Fair, but also to support two non-profits, the Amazon Improvement Fund, provide scholarships for local youths, and help victims of the Haitian earthquake.

Fair Trade refers to the direct purchase of goods from people in developing nations. Based on economic and social justice principles, Fair Trade empowers and assures the talented low-income artisans a fair price for their labors, an opportunity to better their lives by providing financially for their families while achieving dignity for their work.

In support of the basic principles of Fair Trade, St. Paul’s recently presented checks to the following representatives:

Kevin Gilmore, Executive Director of Sussex County Habitat for Humanity.

Since 1991, through volunteer labor and donations of money and materials, the Georgetown affiliate has built 48 homes in Sussex County. Seventy adults and 127 children live in Habitat homes.

Christine Stillson, Program Director of the Emergency Home Repair Project. RC&D serves low-income homeowners in Kent, Sussex, and lower New Castle Counties by eliminating housing conditions that present an immediate safety or health risk until more extensive work can be completed by existing home rehabilitation programs.

Marco Hernandez, Bethany Beach resident and one of the Festival entertainers requested payment for playing music of the Andes, be donated to the Amazon Improvement Fund. The Fund’s mission is to stop erosion and exploitation of the Rain Forest. Mr. Hernandez works directly with farmers in the Amazon Basin to cultivate wisely and to create markets for new plants and byproducts which will give the farmers a better standard of ...
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