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Publicado el 03-09-2010

Wanda López, Executive Director of GACHA talks about GACHA, Census, Immigration and the Hispanic Community with Hoy en Delaware

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Wanda López, Executive Director of GACHA
Photo ©2010 Hoy en Delaware
Hoy en Delaware

Wanda López began working for GACHA (The Governor's Council on Hispanic Affairs) in 2003, as Executive Director, where she got involved in various community projects. In September 2008, she was appointed to serve as chairperson for the Governor's Consortium on Hispanic Affairs and continues to serve as a member of the consortium representing GACHA.

GACHA is recognized as the leading voice for Hispanics in Delaware. For Wanda López "GACHA is dedicated to making a difference and we welcome participation in our meetings and on our committees from all – ¡Unidos somos poderosos!"

(HOY EN DELAWARE)-Which are the activities that GACHA is developing for the Census 2010 campaign?

(WANDA LOPEZ)- GACHA has been a Census partner for the past three years, raising awareness through our Cuenta Conmigo Census 2010 campaign and during our Hispanic Heritage Month Proclamations 2008 & 2009.

In addition to assisting the census to identify partners in the community, we are providing testing sites in the state service center.

We launched the GACHA Complete Count Committee in November 2009, during our annual strategic planning meeting, bringing together grassroots organizations, faith leaders, and the business community to facilitate more partnerships with the census.

From that event the Sussex Complete Count Committee was launched, led by Cindy Mitchell (GACHA) and Allison Burris Castellano (DTCC).

They are doing an amazing job of coordinating efforts in the business and faith based community around the census.

Up north we are trying to coordinate Census events in schools so that students can bring the message home.

We realize that they will be the ones completing the questionnaire for Hispanic families that do not receive a bilingual ...
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