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Publicado el 04-02-2010
Reportero: Allison Burris Castellanos-Cindy Mitchell


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Allison Burris Castellanos-Cindy Mitchell

1. Why did I receive a 2nd form in the mail yesterday, April 1?

The Census Bureau mailed out another form to many houses in Sussex County based on low mail participation rates. Even if you mailed your form back weeks ago, many houses still received a second form. (It is cheaper to mail a 2nd form and to increase mail participation rates than it is to send out Census workers to all those houses to collect the data.)

IF - you have already mailed it back, you do NOT need to fill out the 2nd form.

IF - you have NOT mailed the 1st form back yet, and now you have 2 forms, please complete the 2nd form and mail the 2nd form back. Please mail the 2nd form back as soon as possible.

2. Why haven't I received a form in the mail yet?

Most residences in Sussex County have already received a form. If you have not received one yet, it is possible that you will receive one sometime this week. (They are still mailing out forms.)

IF - you know someone who has not received a Census form mailed to their address by April 10 PLEASE - encourage them to visit a Questionnaire Assistance Center (BETWEEN APRIL 10 -APRIL 19) to complete a blank form where they can list their address. Questionnaire Assistance Centers are available to answer questions about the form, to help people complete their form, and to provide extra copies of the form for those residences that have more than 6 people or 12 people, etc.

Questionnaire Assistance Centers - La Esperanza Community Center and La Casita at First State Action Agency in Georgetown, Iglesia de Dios Maranatha in Seaford, Dagsboro Church of God, Selbyville Public Library, Iglesia de Dios La Roca in Milford, and Libreria El Faro in Milford.

3. How should people from Mexico, Central America, and South America answer the race question?

The Census allows people to select one or more races. People who identify themselves as having indigenous roots "raices indigenas" should mark the box for American Indians. American Indians include all of the indigenous people from North America, Central America, and South America. (So someone from Guatemala who ...
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