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Publicado el 06-15-2010

SKYY Infusions - Sky Infusions ginger

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Skyy Infusions

is deliciously fresh and sweet in taste, exuding an aroma of citrus, hints of clove, candied ginger and baked spices. Upon tastings, one can easily recognize flavors of natural ginger flanked with gingerbread, with hints of roasted oranges and mild notes of cinnamon. Refreshing and sweet, SKYY Infusions Ginger is reminiscent of a classin hand-made ginger ale.
Taste Journey:
.Beginning: Natural flavor of ginger flanked with ginger bread.
.Mid Palate: Juiced ginger, roasted oranges, with mild cinnamon notes
.Finish: Reminiscent of classic, hand -made ginger ale
.Aroma: Citrus fruits, hints of clove, candied ginger, baked spices and vanilla
.Body: Full and refreshing
.Teture: Light and smooth

SIGNATURE COCKTAILS; All Natural SKYY Infusions Ginger is a highly versatile flavor that can be mixed with fresh juices for a sophisticated, yet enticingly exotic cocktail, or with more simple ingredients like 7UP©, cola or soda water for an easy, delicious cocktail. Add SKYY Infusions Ginger to ginger ale for the ultimate sweet ginger experience. For cocktail recipes please go to www.skyy.com, www.facebook.com/skyvodka Twitter:SKYYVodka.
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