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Publicado el 06-23-2010

June 23 - CODE ORANGE for ozone concentrations

The Air quality index is there to help us making healthier decisions

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Air Quality Index in Delaware
Photo ©2010 Courtesy of DNREC

Date: Wednesday, June 23, 2010
Action Day?: Yes

Forecast Discussion:
Wednesday is an Air Quality Action Day in Delaware! Mostly sunny and very hot on Wednesday. Ozone concentrations will reach the Code Orange range across the state.

Extended Forecast:
Hot weather continues on Thursday but strong winds and increasing clouds will improve air quality slightly. Moderate air quality is expected but a slight chance for Code Orange concentrations remains. Much less humid on Friday with moderate air quality.

Help Clean The Air Tips:

1. Ride DART First State. Don't know what bus route to ride, or what time to be at the bus stop? Visit DART's website at http://www.dartfirststate.com or call them at 1-800-652-DART in New Castle and Kent Counties, and 1-800-553-DART in Sussex County.
2. Carpool with friends and/or coworkers. To find a carpool partner or if you already ride the bus/train, and want to register for our Home Free Guarantee, call RideShare Delaware at 1-888-RIDE-MATCH or visit http://www.ridesharedelaware.org
3. Limit daytime driving and combine errands
4. When you must drive, try to avoid congested periods
5. Ride public transportation or carpool to work
6. Maintain your vehicle's emission control equipment
7. Walk or ride a bicycle for short, easy trips
8. Postpone the use of gasoline-powered mowers until evening
9. Refuel your car in the evening - and don't top off your tank
10. Avoid lighting your barbecue with starter fluid
11. Avoid prolonged idling and jackrabbit starts
12. Use latex rather than oil-based paints

Ground-level ozone is a real threat to our health ...
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