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Publicado el 12-04-2010
Reportero: Maggie L. Moor-Orth

Selection of Christmas Trees

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Maggie L. Moor-Orth

This picturesque tree has needles spreading more or less around the stem. These 1/4 to 3/4 inch long needles are stout, rigid, and bend as to curve inward and are very prickly.
The cylinder-shaped cones are slightly narrowed at each end and are two to four inches long. These pale shiny-brown matured cones are jaggedly toothed at the narrowest end.

If you would like the 2010 Delaware Christmas Tree Consumer’s Guide, call the Delaware Department of Agriculture. In Delaware only, call 800-282-8685. This pamphlet lists approximately assoted Christmas tree farms and garden centers.

Just think of the fun family memories you will be able to recall for many years to come by visiting and tagging your special tree at one of Delaware Christmas tree farms.

Lastly, for those of you who have evergreen trees in your landscape and are worried someone may come and take one to make it their holiday tree, try using the “ugly mix”. “Ugly mix” is the name given to a combination you can make to spray on your trees. When mixed according to directions and sprayed on your tree, it makes the tree appear dead.
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