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Publicado el 12-27-2010
Reportero: Maggie L, Moor-Orth

Deicing roads, driveways & walkways

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Maggie L, Moor-Orth


Shovel salt-contaminated snow and ice from sidewalks and driveways and carefully place it on adjacent lawns and plants. The snow and ice will melt and drain into the soil and the roots of plants.

Grow salt-tolerant plants in locations where salt damage is unavoidable so they may survive salt injury. For example, ash, Norway maple, white oak, Russian olive, black walnut, bald cypress, junipers and blue spruce.

Fill or refill de-icing equipment carefully to avoid overloading or spilling salts. Be sure to clean up any excess.

Read and follow all de-icing product label directions.

Like last year, if we find ourselves in the middle of a winter wonderland of ice and snow and are forced to deice our roads, driveways and walkways, we can do this safely using this information to protect the environment.

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