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Publicado el 02-02-2011

Chica de HOY del mes de enero 2011: Zuleima Pérez

Chica de HOY (January 2011): Zuleima Pérez

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(Foto ©2011 Antonio Pérez)
and a little bit of French
Studies - Sussex Central High School
Food - Dish of roast meat (carne asada)
Music - Corridos, norteñas, and banda
Books - Ribbons of the Sun, by Harriet Hamilton
Color - Blue and black
Hobbies - Listen to music, running, take pictures, go shopping, dance, and hang out with friends
Sports - Soccer
Plans - Graduate from High School and attend college at Casa Blanca University in Culican, Sinaloa, MX. Graduate and receive my master’s degree in professional photography. Travel around the world, learn new things, help others, and be happy. Always enjoy life to the max.
For our readers - First of all, I want to thank God and my parents for giving me the chance to live. For always supporting me and for always being there with me at all times. Without my wonderful family I would not be here. Thanks to them I am who I am today. I’ve learned throughout life that in order to obtain what we want we must have security in ourselves, have faith in God, work hard, and never give up. All the dreams we have can be reached with perseverance and a positive attitude. I describe myself as a mature, intelligent, humble, and very proud to be Mexican. For our readers, always remember that what only makes impossible a dream is the fear of failing. For all the teenagers out there like me, I want to tell you guys to always feel proud of your roots and where you come from. Never give up in school and your education so tommorow you can be someone in life, because we’re the future of this world in where we live in. ...
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