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Publicado el 03-04-2011
Reportero: Ruben Rocha

“Once and for all.”

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positive connotation; the contender is fighting for something, not against something.

If we are to fight for our own sanctification, this struggle has to take place in the arena of the Word of God, and this is the intention of Jude when he puts a limit to those revelations by bounded them in the certainty of the already revealed Word.

If there is something that God wants us to know it is in the Bible, if someone approaches us with a different message or claiming to have a message from God we always have to refer to the Bible as our only and competent tool, because in it, we will find all the revelations that God has spoken to us once and for all.

To summit up, knowing that the Word was given to us once and for all will give us certainty, will help us to be focused on the Word, will allow us to grow and mature and be able to fight earnestly for the faith by living godly lives.

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