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Publicado el 03-10-2011
Reportero: Pastor Nathaniel Graham

Are Apostles Still Around Today?

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Pastor Nathaniel Graham

Unless the church was rebelling they recognized and submitted to Paul’s universal apostleship. That’s a jurisdiction that every sensible pastor knows he does not possess. I can’t write a letter to the church down the street and tell them how they should run things. But an Apostle could and the church knew it. Clearly, the self-made Apostles we see today do not have this kind of apostolic authority.

Unfortunately there is a great hunger today to normalize the spectacular events and offices that surrounded the life of Christ and the birth of the church. I am convinced this is because people have grown bored with the simple power of the Gospel to save and sanctify (II Cor. 11:3). That repenting faith in our crucified Christ will miraculously save a broken sinner and set him on a course of blessed, holy living is enough to make the whole host of heaven sing. There is no need to resort to lofty titles and mystical experiences to fully enjoy our life in Christ.
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