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Publicado el 03-27-2011
Reportero: Wanda Lopez

What is Redistricting and why should I get involved?

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Wanda Lopez

know, the knowledge that we all need to share, and the action we all need to take. If we proceed with diligence and efficacy as a united coalition, we will provoke necessary changes that will greatly impact the growing Latino population like never before in history.”/
"Necesitamos comunicarle proactivamente a la comunidad latina sobre la redistribución de districtos y el impacto que tendrá en nuestro estado. Educar a la comunidad es esencial porque presenta la información que todos necesitamos saber, el conocimiento que todos necesitamos compartir y la acción que todos necesitamos tomar. Si procedemos con diligencia y eficacia como una coalición unida, podremos provocar los cambios necesarios que impactarán de gran manera la creciente población latina como nunca antes en la historia".

Nancy Lopez, President/CEO for NancyLopezMedia:
"It is imperative that the public be aware and make their voices heard regarding redistricting.  I understand that the matter may be intimidating but you don't have to know ALL about it t let the powers that be aware that we know that lines are drawn.  It will be up to us to at least have a voice at the "power table". 
Sandra Bucay, president, First State LULAC:
"As an organization who focuses on bringing information to the community in layman’s terms, it is important to provide the venue to do so at such a time as this. Although Sandra Bucay is the President/State Director of First State LULAC, she admits she is not as knowledgeable as she would like to be. She has secured a radio spot on 1590 AM radio for March 26, to ask questions of John Flaherty, from the Delaware Coalition for Open Government and dialogue with Representative

Joe Miro and City Council Member Sammy Prado: "The goal is to bring awareness to Hispanic/Latinos in Delaware on Redistricting and What it means for us?”
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