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Publicado el 04-05-2011
Reportero: Larry Klayman

Iranians, Jews and Christians must unite!

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Larry Klayman

political power to exert. Jews at least the non-leftist ones have sought in the past to use this political power and have succeeded in large part. Through lobbying and other means, in the past they have "convinced" most American lawmakers and government officials at least not to harm Israel. But now, with a President Barack Hussein Obama, who is a latent anti-Semite Israel hater, the task has become much more difficult. Obama and his compromised secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, have recently threatened Israel by stating that they, along with the "Quartet" which also is composed of the United Nations, Russia and the European Union will impose a Palestinian state on the Jewish nation, if it does not accede to Palestinian demands.

As for Iranian freedom, the "mullah in chief" would rather get down on his knees and beg for understanding and forgiveness of America from the Muslims in Tehran than take a strong stand and support the Iranian freedom movement. Why is it that the Obama administration is now apparently bent on arming the Libyan opposition, which many think contains al-Qaida operatives, but dares not utter a word about a similar "strategy" with the Iranian freedom movement which holds so much promise and is largely anti-Muslim? Is the Obama administration and Democratic Party also "on the take" from Iranian banks and other interests, as occurred with China during the reign of the Clintons in the 1990s?

I love my own people, and I love my Persian friends. Conservative Jews and evangelical Christians have been on the front lines in supporting Israel and the Iranian freedom movement although their support these days could be much stronger. But with few exceptions, the Persians living in the United States, particularly in the Los Angeles area, are more concerned with being part of the chic new generation culture than supporting their brothers and sisters who are fighting for freedom in their eventual homeland, and risking their fortunes, lives and sacred honor. Indeed, to most Persians living abroad and in the United States these days, the model of the car they drive, their fashionable clothing or their new cosmetic surgery is more important to them than freedom in Iran. While active on Facebook, it has become more of a dating service or therapeutic gossip rag than a real means to effect liberty for their people.

And the leftist ...
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