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Publicado el 05-04-2011

Marta Sánchez interviewed by HOY en Delaware

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(Photo ©2011 Courtesy of Marta Sánchez)
HOY en Delaware

in college that Latin American Art was more accessible. I always had a very rich cultural upbringing with folkloric art around me but the high art and folkloric art did not converge until much later in my career.

These days I am impressed with all kinds of art and disciplines. It is all so interwoven. Anything is possible in medium and mixed disciplines. So long as there is a clear point to it, it's possible. Nowadays our society and art experience is more global. When I look at work in art magazines and on the Internet I see that art can be made from a scholarly background or from a self-taught perspective.

I have always felt close to the tradition of retablo art because it was about mankind. Retablos were small and large testimonies of small and large miracles. It also raises up ordinary people. I wanted to record my family and friends and raise them up and validate their existence. I wanted to raise them to high art. As a Chicana, I feel it is my duty to use my art for the people and make works that tell a story about justice when it is necessary. My most recent inspiration is just recording small precious moments. I am blessed to see many precious moments and record them through in my still life and in the natural world all around me.

HOY - You have a degree in Art. In your work, how much is inspiration and how much is hard work and a good knowledge of Mexican Art?
MS - I think it is the combination of both inspiration and hard work. With my BFA degree in painting I was given the opportunity to incorporate all sorts of information based ...
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