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Publicado el 05-04-2011

Marta Sánchez interviewed by HOY en Delaware

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(Photo ©2011 Courtesy of Marta Sánchez)
HOY en Delaware

on the liberal arts curriculum. You have to keep up with the status of things you are passionate about. Politics, art and the social climate of Mexico, and the art it produces are all very important to me. Mexican art and its artists have an ongoing dialogue with the art of Chicano/a art. The difference is where one was born --Mexico or the United States -- and how we deal with discrimination.

Our similarity is that we both share working history of Mexico and its culture. The University of Texas at Austin has a very good Latin American collection and publishes many great books on all aspects of Mexican culture.

You live in Philadelphia but you born in San Antonio, Texas. Is it difficult to live so far from your roots? It is hard, at times, to live away from home. I miss the seasons, family celebrations and the everyday aspects of being with my family. Sometimes I feel a small amount of isolation -- the kind you feel when you come from a different city, state, or country. Everything is regional: people respond to the climate, land, and life style each region offers. I find that I have a larger family of Latinos/a and friends for all over Latin America and the Caribbean. With the roots we have, we all sometimes feel that isolation and longing to be home. I am grateful for organizations like Taller Puertorriqueño, which adopted me into their community when I needed them most so many years ago.

I miss my larger family in San Antonio very much and only get to visit once a year. First it was due to the poor Texas economy in the 70's due to the oil market. Then I got married and started a ...
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