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Publicado el 05-04-2011

Marta Sánchez interviewed by HOY en Delaware

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(Photo ©2011 Courtesy of Marta Sánchez)
HOY en Delaware

I made this painting, and I was also influenced by the art there.

HOY - What are the "cascarones" and what are their origins?
MS - Cascarones are egg shells that are filled with confetti. It it said to have been introduced to Mexico by the Emperor Maxmillian's wife's Carlotta. There are a few listed historical accounts to the history of the Cascarones in Mexico. Here is the one I chose for my web site:


The origin of cascarones (the word means "egg shells" in Spanish) is a little muddled. The cascarone stems from the Italian Renaissance when Italian gentlemen would fill emptied eggs with beautiful perfumes and scented powder to give to their beloved. As with the piñata, the Italians allegedly got the practice, via Marco Polo, from the Chinese, who filled the eggs with powder. The practice of making hollowed-out, surprise-filled eggs moved from Italy, into Austria, France, and then to Spain.

Then in the 1860s, Carlotta, the wife of Emperor Maximilian, introduced cascarones to Mexico. In Mexico, people replaced the perfumed powder with confetti. It was then when Mexicans labeled the egg shells “cascarones”, which derives from the word "cascara" which means shell. In Mexico, they showed up at many different celebrations, especially Carnaval. From there, they headed north into what we know as California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.

HOY - You have painted many retablos and many prayer paintings, how did you decide to paint "cascarones"?
MSI started painting retablos while in undergraduate school and graduate school. I loved their narrative and earnest approach to painting. It was my connection to my indigenous roots. It was art with a spiritual purpose. I started to paint cascarones at first ...
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