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Publicado el 05-04-2011

Marta Sánchez interviewed by HOY en Delaware

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(Photo ©2011 Courtesy of Marta Sánchez)
HOY en Delaware

just to share with my friends. I missed my family, and in the spring, I would make the cascarones and surprise my friends by sneaking up on them and breaking them over their heads. It was actually interesting to see grown adults smile and try to get back at me with a cascarone. Something wonderfully childlike would transpire between everyone that participated.

After I shared them with friends for a while, I decided to sell them and pick a cause for children since cascarones were for kids. At the time, the HIV/ AIDS epidemic was having a big impact on families that needed not only financial support, but also unconditional acceptance and love. That’s why I created Cascarones por la Vida.

To make art that helps others, to have art have a function, that was and is my motivation for the cascarones. I wanted o help someone, to acknowledge and show them unconditional love while demonstrating an uplifting pride in my culture. The cascarones art project is a positive expression of Hispanic culture in a time when the mass media portrayed Hispanics in a less positive way.

I am interested in mentoring Latino/a college organizations interested in the Cascarones Por la Vida grassroots project as a service project. I will be working with Twitter as well. I would love to have a Latino/a college organization incorporate this project into their service program. It would not only offer a chance to work with kids, seniors and the art community it would also keep HIV/AIDS awareness alive on their own campuses and communities.

Please contact me if you would like to participate in a cascarone workshop or want to volunteer. I have a cascarones page on my website that contains photos of the ...
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