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Publicado el 06-10-2011

Governor launches MyMarketPlace.Delaware.Gov

Doing business with the state now easier & more transparent for small employers

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Jack Markell and his cabinet at the Governor’s Entrepreneurial Business Conference held at the Chase Center on the Riverfront on June 10th.
(Office of the Governor)
Office of the Governor

site was launched at the Governor’s Entrepreneurial Business Conference, where Governor Markell was joined by Cabinet Secretaries representing nearly every State agency.

“We are working hard to further streamline State government and break down barriers to creating jobs,” added Markell. “Employers want to expand their businesses in a place with strong public education, good roads, safe neighborhoods, and a community that knows how to work together to get things done. All of our Cabinet Secretaries are focused on how their efforts can impact job growth.”

Visit http://MyMarketPlace.Delaware.Gov for more information.
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