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Publicado el 06-30-2011

Gov. Markell signs measure banning BPA from children’s products

Bill gives merchants one year to eliminate existing inventory

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Patrick Jackson & Office of the Governor

Dover, DE – A chemical linked to health problems in fetuses and children will be gone from baby bottles, sipper cups and other products within a year.

Gov. Jack Markell Thursday signed legislation prohibiting the sale of Bisphenol A, better known as BPA, in children’s products in Delaware. The ban takes immediate effect for manufacturers, and gives merchants one year to rid themselves of the products.

Markell praised Sen. Bethany Hall-Long, D-Middletown, for her leadership in getting the bill to his desk.
“As a parent, I know a lot about sippy cups and the like, although it’s been a while since my kids are now 18 and 16 years old, but I did not know what BPA was before I learned about this bill,” Governor Markell told the bill’s sponsors and a group of advocates during the bill signing ceremony. “We care about kids and we care about public health. This is a commonsense bill to do away with BPA.”

During the 1960s the Food and Drug Administration deemed BPA safe and it has been used as hardening agent in a wide range of clear plastic products and as a liner for some metal food and beverage containers. In recent years, however, the chemical has been lined to neurological problems in children and conditions, such as Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder.

Those studies have led the FDA to recommend that the chemical be removed from products used by small children. The agency says adults have trace amounts of BPA in their systems, but that adult bodies are able to process and deal with the chemical although there is some evidence that it also has been linked to breast and prostate cancers. The FDA has recommended more studies on possible BPA-related health issues in adults.

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