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Publicado el 07-16-2011

Letter titled "Soccer Injustice" received by HOY en Delaware

Submitted by Dep Easton, playing at the Delaware Premier Soccer League (DPSL)

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Dep Easton

This letter is to inform you of the injustice done to the women's soccer team of Easton by the board of directors of the Delaware Premier Soccer League, Concepcion de Leon (President), Ruben Hernandez (Vice-President), and Rosa (Secretary).
Our team played the all women’s league until June 26th, 2011. On this date, Easton played in a semi-final game against BB United where the teams, after extra time and penalty kicks, continued to be tied.

The last penalty kick was from BB United, and if the ball had entered the net, they would have won the game. The player kicked the ball and missed, hitting the ball just outside of the goal. For some reason, the team started to celebrate as if they had made the goal, confusing everyone. Due to this confusion, the spectators started protesting. Unfortunately, at this point, a fight broke out among the spectators. Someone had lifted the net and put the ball inside the goal and trying to pass it off as a goal.

President de Leon, spoke to the coach for the Easton soccer team, Eliud Reyes, with Referee Migual present, telling him that it had not been a goal, that he, President de Leon, and the Board of Directors of the league would have a meeting the next day, June 27th, to decide when both teams would play again, and whether they would play for penalty kicks or extra time. (Never during this meeting did President de Leon mention that the referee had whistled in favor of BB United.)

Coach Reyes gave his personal cell number to President de Leon, waiting all week for the league president to personally contact him, but neither the president, nor any member of the Board of Directors, directly contacted him.

The coach called Mr. de Leon Friday evening, July 1st, 2011, to ask if a decision had been made, and on what date would the team have the opportunity for a rematch. During this conversation, President de Leon told the coach the board had reached a decision during a meeting comprised of the board, Referee Migual, and a representative of BB United, Secretary Rosa, to award the win to BB United due to the Referee Migual whistling immediately after the penalty kick, which missed kick was witnessed by more than 200 spectators and captured on tape.

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