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Publicado el 08-09-2011
Reportero: Ginny Grimsley

New Community Basketball Leagues (CBL) looks to capture attention of players and fans after NBA announces lockout

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(Photo courtesy CBL)
In a world of salary caps, revenue sharing, and ever-growing player paychecks, NBA owners and players failed to agree on a new contract, leading to the expiration of the NBA’s collective bargaining agreement on July 1. The disappointing result is a lockout with no end in sight. In fact, some experts say the entire 2011-12 NBA season might be in jeopardy.

The official word from the NBA: During the lockout, players will not receive their salaries; teams will not negotiate, sign or trade player contracts; players will not be able to use team facilities for any purpose; and teams will not conduct or facilitate any summer camps, exhibitions, practices, workouts, coaching sessions or team meetings.

“We have made several proposals to the union, including a deal targeting $2 billion annually as the players’ share — an average of approximately $5 million per player that could increase along with league revenue growth,” said NBA Deputy Commissioner Adam Silver in an NBA press release. “We will continue to make every effort to reach a new agreement that is fair and in the best interests of our teams, our players, our fans, and our game.”

While the NBA lockout affects basketball fans and players across the U.S., there is a company that will soon be providing basketball fans and amateur players with an alternative. An innovative basketball league, called the CBL, now offers excitement and opportunity for basketball lovers nationwide. The Community Basketball Leagues (CBL) is the fastest-growing, amateur-based basketball network in the U.S. and they are currently raising $2.5 million for their expansion into 600 cities across America. The buzz surrounding the CBL centers on its Exposure League (also known as the E-League).

“The CBL is creating the most unmatched and comprehensive preparatory basketball league experience in America,” ...
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