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Publicado el 09-09-2011

Roads, Bridges Closed in Seaford Area

No bridges or roads appear to have significant damage

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Dover, DE – Officials from the Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) report that after an overnight deluge of rain, numerous roads and bridges are closed throughout Delaware this morning. Motorists are warned not to attempt to drive through flood waters, because currents can be faster, and depths can be deeper than they appear from the surface.

There are two sections of road in the Seaford that appear to be damaged. Those roads are Route 20, at Road 556, and Ellis Mill Road. Both of those roads have sections that appear to be washed out.

No bridges appear to be washed out or have significant damages, according to preliminary visual inspections. However, inspectors will be out all day today, inspecting roads and bridges.

Senior DelDOT officials are touring the areas this morning to assess damage and coordinate necessary repairs.

“Our crews have been out all night setting up barricades and inspecting the roads and bridges throughout the Seaford and Bridgeville areas,” said DelDOT Secretary Shailen Bhatt. “Our goal was to have barricades set up before people began leaving for work, making everyone’s morning commute as safe as possible.”

Travelers heading out of state today should be aware that there are many roads and bridges closed throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

For real-time travel advisories go to: http://www.deldot.gov/public.ejs?command=PublicTrafficReportDisplay

Residents can also follow DelDOT at www.twitter.com/delawaredot

Below is a list of closed roads and bridges in Delaware that are closed:

Sussex Co.

Seaford Area

Roads Closed

Route 20, Stein Highway is closed between Shuffelt Rd and Seaford Town limits, due to high water

Ellis Mill Rd. between Woodland Ferry Rd. and Lonesome Rd.

Old Carriage Rd. between Stein Hwy. and Woodpecker Rd.

Boyce Rd. between Owls Nest Rd. and Chapel Branch Rd. ...
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