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Publicado el 10-31-2011
Reportero: Jane M. Orient, M.D.

Perry, Cain, and Medicare: a 2011 View of a 1966 Prediction

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Jane M. Orient, M.D.

policy wherein the provisions are stated. It is whatever the Secretary…may direct,” observed Dr. Caine. So did the Supreme Court, in the decision now referenced by candidate Cain. From ObamaCare, the Secretary of HHS gets enormous additional power.

“Under medicare, the good doctor will be equalized with the mediocre doctor. There will be less incentive to be the best doctor possible.” Doctors may have scoffed at Dr. Caine’s prediction in 1966, but under Medicare’s price controls, all “providers,” including the least qualified ones, get paid the same for the same procedure code. More and more Medicare patients are unable to find a physician to treat them, and have access only to “mid-level providers.”

Making citizens dependent on the federal government for pensions and medical insurance is clearly not among the enumerated powers of Congress in the U.S. Constitution. Candidate Perry is right about that. No one, however, proposes abandoning those who were forced to pay into the system and now must rely on it.

It’s past time for politicians to stop running from the truth that was obvious to a Mississippi doctor in 1966. A good starting point, which Republicans including Perry and Cain generally say they favor, is to repeal the latest expanded entitlement, ObamaCare.

They would also do well to quote Dr. Caine’s conclusion: “For the American miracle to continue we must have less government and more individual responsibility.”

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