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Publicado el 11-06-2011

Cristina Siekavizza's story

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Guatemala holds its breath, while waiting for Cristina Siekavizza, or her 2 children to finally appear.

On July 8th, the mother of Cristina, a 30 year old mother of 2, started calling numbers, as her daughter had strangely left her waiting for lunch, which was something she wouldn't normally do.

Since Cristina didn't answer the phone, the whole family started worrying in an upscale neighborhood of the capital city of Guatemala.

Cristina's two children (4 and 6) weren't picked up at school either. So as the day went by, it seemed to be more certain: Cristina was missing.

At noon, her husband, Roberto Barreda was contacted by family and teachers from school. As he received the alert, he said that the last time he'd seen Cristina, had been early in the morning, as she left home for an unusual stroll in the park.

Sadly, hours turned into days. And as days went by, and even though no ransom calls were taken, Cristina was thought to have been kidnapped. At least that's what the private investigator who was hired by Roberto's family was saying.

'Connections' seamed to have been preferred, instead of the local police system, even though his, is a family of prominent lawyers.

His father, a Judge of the Court of Appeals, a high court in the Guatemalan judicial system.
His mother, Ofelia de León, a judge too, who in 2005 presided the Guatemalan Supreme Court of Justice, the country's highest court.

In fact, she was the first woman ever to take that office, and therefore, also presiding the Judicial Organism. His sister, and brother in law, are lawyers as well.

However, as a week went by since Cristina's disappearance, and as the investigator's theory lost credibility, Cristina's family finally contacted the local police and the District Attorney's office, who is in charge of criminal investigation in Guatemala.

Suspicion quickly grew against Roberto and his family. But not as quick as it would have been necessary to stop Roberto from vanishing with their 2 children, reportedly fleeing the country, to Cristina's family's complete agony.

The tragic twist came as Petrona, the in-living maid (who had earlier testified not knowing anything), changed versions, now testifying that it was Roberto, on the night before the disappearance, who killed Cristina at their ...
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