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Publicado el 11-11-2011
Reportero: Ms. Rashmi Rangan, Mr. Rony Peralta & Mr. James Angus

DCRAC's letter about Today & Tomorrow Conference

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Edward Simon, Workforce Analyst (DEDO)
(Foto ©2011 HOY en Delaware)
Ms. Rashmi Rangan, Mr. Rony Peralta & Mr. James Angus

community that is a statistical outlier in terms of properties that are second homes, and therefore at the root of the county’s tourism success.

Banks, businesses and local government need to initiate an honest discussion of what these foreclosures mean for the future of Sussex County and all the facets of its capital infrastructure.

DCRAC is a willing partner with Sussex County as it undertakes confrontation of these issues.

Ms. Rashmi Rangan, Executive Director
Mr. Rony Peralta, Director, Tax Clinic
Mr. James Angus, Pro Bono Volunteer

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