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Publicado el 11-22-2011

La Red Health Center's economic impact in Sussex County

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(Photo courtesy La Red HC)
La Red Health Center

It should be noted that, federal dollars in excess of $1.6 million awarded to La Red Health Center and brought into Sussex County, Delaware via the FQHC, RHOG, IDS, CIP and other grants contribute significantly to LRHC's ability to create an economic impact.

The 2009 economic impact numbers reported for LRHC's existing Georgetown Operations and its 2011 capital construction project are the result of analyses conducted by Capital Link, a Boston based health care consulting firm, in conjunction with both the National Association of Community Health Centers and the Mid-Atlantic Association of Community Health Care Centers. The model applies a multiplier effect to capture the direct, indirect and induced economic effects of LRHC's economic activities. LRHC then used a similar approach to estimate the 2010 and 2011 economic impact for LRHC's Georgetown Operations, as well as the partnership with the Sussex Technical Vocational High School and the New Access Point in Seaford.

The economic effects included in the analyses are defined as follows:

Direct effects: represents the response for a given industry (Total Operating Expenditures of the health center).

Indirect effects: represents the response by all local industries caused by "the iteration industries purchasing."

Induced effects: represents the response by all local industries to the expenditures of new household income by the direct and indirect effects.

La Red Health Center's four major areas of economic activity include:

The Georgetown Operations

LRHC provides Pre-natal Care, Family Practice Services, Behavioral Health Services, Oral Health Services, as well as Transportation and Interpretation Services out of our two Georgetown sites. In addition, LRHC's Administrative offices are also located in Georgetown.

In 2009, LRHC injected $3.0 million of operating expenses directly into the local economy, and stimulated additional indirect and induced economic activity of $1.5 ...
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