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Publicado el 02-10-2012

Celebrating National FFA (Future Farmers of America) Week

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Margaret L. Moor-Orth

the Delaware Association will hold its state convention at

the University of Delaware’s Clayton Hall in Newark. At the convention, we will

announce the 2012- 2013 Delaware State Officers and say goodbye to the 2011-2012

State Officer Team. Current Officers are: Benjamin Somers, State FFA President;

Caitlin Walton, State FFA Vice President; Kelsey Gauss, State FFA Treasurer;

Michael Cannon, State FFA Reporter; Cody Pettit, State FFA Sentinel; Dr. Karen

Hutchinson, State Advisor; and Stacey Hofmann, State Executive Secretary.

Please join me and the over 500,000 FFA members across this great nation celebrating

more than 80 years of FFA traditions during National FFA week.

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