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Publicado el 02-13-2012

President Obama’s FY13 budget proposal balances deficit reduction with key investments

Senator Coons supports efforts to responsibly reduce our deficits while investing in America’s future

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/> • Extends the 1603 Treasury grant program and the 48c manufacturing tax credit to support private-sector investments in clean energy technology. Senator Coons introduced legislation (S. 825) last year to extend both. (http://bit.ly/wHDhz0)

• Establishes a National Infrastructure Bank that would issue loans and loan guarantees for transportation, water, and energy infrastructure projects. Senator Coons cosponsored a bill last year to create such a bank, and spoke about it on the floor in November. (http://bit.ly/z7dhUn)

• Increases the level of investment in non-defense R&D by 5 percent from the 2012 level, even as overall agency budgets decline.

• Maintains the President’s commitment to double the budgets of three key basic research agencies: National Science Foundation, Department of Energy’s Office of Science, and National Institute of Standards and Technology Laboratories

• Expands funding for the Advanced Research Projects Agency - Energy for transformational, high-risk, high-payoff energy technology projects. Senator Coons will speak at the ARPA-E Innovation Summit in Washington on February 27.

• Increases investment in law enforcement efforts to protect American intellectual property rights from $5 million to $40 million.

• Extends 100 percent first-year depreciation of machinery and equipment for American businesses. Senator Coons introduced legislation (S. 1866) last year to extend it. (http://bit.ly/yLsQRa)

• Increases funding for energy efficiency and renewable energy programs. Senator Coons is a strong supporter of energy efficiency programs. (http://bit.ly/zq13ir)

• Assists workers who need to take time off to care for a child or other family member by helping states launch paid leave programs.

• Continues a multi-year plan to make strategic investments to address the root causes of hunger and poverty and to help prevent crises such as the 2011 famine in the Horn of Africa.

“It is fitting that President Obama unveiled his budget at a community college this morning, because access to affordable higher education is essential for ...
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