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Publicado el 08-07-2008

Delaware Interagency Council on Homelessness Signed into Law

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Left to Right: Saundra Johnson, Governor Minner, Representative Dan Short. Photo courtesy from Loretta Parkhill, Delaware State Housing Authority (DSHA)
Christina Hardin-Dirksen
Delaware State Housing Authority

On August 7, 2008; Governor Ruth Ann Minner signed Senate Bill 310 into law, which makes the Delaware Interagency Council on Homelessness permanent. Originally created in March 2005 by Executive Order 65, the Interagency Council was established to help solve chronic homelessness in Delaware. Senate Bill 310 garnered broad legislative and community support.

On any given night, approximately 2,000 people in Delaware are without shelter, with about 300 people being chronically homeless, individuals who are homeless for long periods of time and may have one or more disabilities. In February 2007, Governor Minner received the 10 Year Plan to End Chronic Homelessness by 2017.

“Chronic homelessness is a problem across our nation and one that also affects us here in Delaware,” said Governor Minner. “We want to combat this problem by providing permanent housing along with necessary support services for those who are chronically homeless in our state,” said Governor Minner.

“We must create a continuum of housing, which includes a well-coordinated system for helping families get off the street and provides adequate affordable housing opportunities. This system mandates we pool human and financial resources,” said Sandy Johnson, DSHA Director. “No one in this prosperous state should be relegated to a life on the street.”

The Interagency Council includes a broad representation of stakeholders, community leaders, state and federal government agencies, supportive housing developers, homeless service providers and formerly homeless individuals.

Sandy Johnson, Director of the Delaware State Housing Authority (DSHA) is the Chair, and Catherine DeVaney McKay, CEO of Connections CSP, Inc. is the Co-Chair of the Interagency Council. The Interagency Council is composed of twenty-five (25) members appointed by, and serving at, the pleasure of the Governor.
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