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Publicado el 06-04-2009

Delaware child restraint law and other information

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©2009 Copyright - Flyer courtesy of DE Office of Highway Safety
In the wake of the crash in Sussex County involving 4 unrestrained children, the Office of Highway Safety would like to share the following information about Delaware’s Child Restraint Law and what parents can do to keep kids safe:

The Law:

In laymen’s terms… children have to be in a car seat until age 8 or 65 pounds which ever comes first. Then they must be seat belted in the vehicle. No child under age 12 is allowed to be in the front seat when air bags are present with a few exceptions. Here is the exact text of the law:

§ 4803. Child restraint in motor vehicles.

• (a) Every person shall be responsible, when transporting a child through the age of 7 and up to and including the weight of 65 pounds in a motor vehicle operated on the roadways, streets or highways of this State, for providing protection of the child by properly securing the child in all seating positions, according to manufacturer's instruction, in a child safety seat or booster seat meeting federal motor vehicle safety standards, and that is appropriate for the child's weight and height. Every child who has either attained the age of 8 or a weight in excess of 65 pounds and has not yet attained the age of 16 shall, in all seating positions, wear a properly secured seatbelt while in a motor vehicle operated on the roadways, streets or highways of this State. The duty imposed by this subsection shall not apply to any operator or passenger of a motor bus, limousine or taxicab as defined in § 1801 of Title 2.

• (b)(1) No child who is 65 inches or less in height and who is under ...
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