Nuestras Raíces Delaware announces a technical glitch in the score of JaLexis Núñez

JaLexis Núñez, 2nd runner up tied with Alexandra Rivera in Miss Hispanic Delaware 2010


Ja’Lexis Nuñez & Alexandra Rivera (2nd runner up finalists)—Tied.

Due to a technical glitch, Ja’Lexis Nuñez’s overall pageant score was miscalculated.

Once the auditor corrected the technical error, Ja’Lexis Nuñez was announced as being tied with Alexandra Rivera.

Nuestra Raices Delaware apologizes for this unfortunate and rare occurrence

The Miss Hispanic Delaware Pageant has been in existence since 1972 and is organized by Nuestras Raices Delaware, a nonprofit community based organization whose mission is to promote Latino culture in Delaware.

The pageant gives the contestants the opportunity to explore their potential, to display their talents as well as to uphold their Latino heritage.