Online Business License Renewal Saves State Money


Statewide – With 2008 State of Delaware business licenses expiring at the end of December, the Delaware Division of Revenue is in the process of mailing 2009 business license renewal notices.

The Division is encouraging anyone who has to renew their state business license this year to visit and renew online. “Renewing a State of Delaware business license online is convenient to taxpayers and saves the state money,” says Division of Revenue Director Patrick Carter, who estimates online renewals have helped Delaware save thousands in paper and processing costs in the past four years. Online renewals are processed by Revenue’s computer system and require no manual handling.

“This year with the economic slowdown and everyone pinching pennies, we really want to encourage more people to use the online renewal service, which is especially significant for the State during a period when we’re looking to cut costs,” says Carter.

Currently, any business whose Delaware business license expires this December may opt to renew their 2009 business license online. This past year over 9,000 businesses took advantage of this convenient service, more than a 25% increase from the previous year. Still, although usage is growing, only slightly more than 10% of all business licenses have been renewed online since Revenue began offering the service in 2004.

Best of all, “Online renewals are a great convenience to businesses as they can renew online using a credit or debit card, any time of day, any day of the week. They can print directly from their PC a temporary license that substitutes as a valid license until a permanent license is received in the mail. A temporary license is critical for businesses, such as contractors, that require proof of a current license,” says Carter.

Any business renewing a license this year may also elect a three-year business license, which additionally decreases future paperwork. Currently, over 7,000 businesses have a three-year license that will expire this year. Three-year business licenses purchased for 2009 will remain valid through December 2011 (renewal notices will not be sent for license years 2010 or 2011). Businesses will receive one license, valid through 2011, for all three years.

To renew a Delaware business license online, visit and select Renew 2008 Business License under Services. License fees can be paid using a credit or debit card.

To further assist customers, the Division of Revenue provides Internet Kiosks at their Dover and Wilmington Public Service locations or at any State library PC where licensees can renew online for free at