Perdue Publishes Environmental Stewardship Information

Environmental Steering Committee, Vice President of Environmental Sustainability position and first Environmental Stewardship brochure among key environmental activities


Salisbury, MD (January 6, 2009) – During a time of economic challenges, Perdue Incorporated remains focused on its environmental agenda, taking a number of steps in the last 18 months to further the company’s commitment to environmental responsibility. Most recently, the company published “Environmental Stewardship: The Nature of our Company,” a 12-page booklet describing Perdue’s commitment to environmental responsibility and current activities as well as summaries of selected environmental partnerships.

“The Perdue commitment to quality extends to everything we do, including our environmental policies. While there’s always more to do, we’re as proud of our environmental record and programs as we are of our quality, and are happy to share this information,” said Jim Perdue, Chairman.

Perdue has a long history of environmental stewardship. The company was among the first poultry companies with a dedicated Environmental Services department. Perdue was also the first poultry company to develop a large-scale alternative use for surplus poultry litter, operating the first-of-its kind facility to convert poultry litter into organic fertilizer product. Perdue AgriRecycle has handled more than 500,000 tons of in its first seven years of operation. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Regions 3 and 4 announced today an historic agreement with Perdue Farms, Inc., to help poultry producers growing for Perdue protect our nation’s waters.

The new publication includes a message from Jim Perdue, a description of the company’s comprehensive approach to environmental stewardship from Vice President of Environmental Sustainability Steve Schwalb, information about the Perdue Environmental Steering Committee, its three environmental sustainability platforms and environmental success stories.

The Perdue Environmental Steering Committee was formed in October 2007 to move the company’s existing environmental initiatives into a more formal process to measure, track and report on environmental efforts across the company. The Steering Committee identified three platforms for organizing Perdue’s environmental initiatives: Research and Innovation; Reduce, Reuse and Recycle; and Community Outreach. Initial successes in all three areas area outlined in the brochure.

The cross-functional team’s initial focus is on measuring the company’s carbon footprint and benchmarking its environmental efforts against world-class standards. The group is looking across all functional areas of the company to assess how the company uses natural resources and manages its waste streams, including energy, water and materials usage in production facilities, energy usage and environmental impact of grow-out operations, as well as packaging and distribution.

Shortly after the Steering Committee’s formation, the company created an expanded environmental leadership role reporting directly to Chairman Jim Perdue and named Schwalb Vice President of Environmental Sustainability. Schwalb served as interim Vice President of Environmental Services prior to the creation of this new position for the company.

“Steve has a passion and vision to drive Perdue’s continued leadership in the environmental arena,” Perdue said when making the announcement. “He will monitor the company’s environmental impact and devise and execute plans that will help Perdue move toward an environmental sustainability platform.”

Schwalb, who has been with Perdue since 1982, is responsible for coordinating the company-wide environmental stewardship initiatives, working in conjunction with Perdue’s Environmental Steering Committee. He also oversees Perdue’s relationships with state and federal environmental regulatory agencies and key environmental groups. Along with these duties, Schwalb manages the Environmental Services Department, which provides technical and regulatory support and compliance reporting for the environmental managers located within the Perdue Food Products and Perdue AgriBusiness facilities.

“Environmental Stewardship: The Nature of our Company” can be read or downloaded at or a printed copy can be requested by calling 1-800-4PERDUE.

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