Political games serve political parties, hurt people


By Bryan Schupe

Months ago I created a bill that would allow for no excuse absentee ballot voting in the State of Delaware while requiring that any changes to our absentee process would have to remain in the Delaware Constitution, a 2/3 vote over two consecutive legislative sessions. This legislation safeguards the integrity of our elections by not allowing the majority, either Democrat or Republican, to simply make new voting rules that will benefit them in the next election cycle.

Unfortunately the discussion was not welcomed and leadership has tried to create this as a partisan issues. EVEN WORSE, after the current absentee bill, hb 75, was defeated, my Municipal Voting Rights bill, hb 146, which was on the agenda was not heard on the House floor.

HB 146, which had bipartisan support, eliminates the requirement for double voter registration for delawareans to vote in their local elections, expanding voting right across the state. Retaliation is an old game that serves noone.

It is time to END political games. We are elected to serve THE PEOPLE of Delaware, not political parties or special interests.

Political games hurt Delawareans