Proclamación del Día del Census por el Gobernador Jack Markell.

(Contiene las transcripciones de los discursos pronunciados por el Gobernador del Estado de Delaware Jack Markell y por Wanda López, Directora Ejecutiva de GACHA).


El pasado día 1 de Abril en la localidad de Dover (DE), el Gobernador del Estado Jack Markell proclamó en el marco de la Asamblea Legislativa del Estado el “Día del Census” (Census Day Proclamation).

Con tal motivo, Wanda López, Directora Ejecutiva de GACHA, que encabezaba el grupo de asistentes, pronunció unas palabras de salutación al Gobernador, agradecimiendo al resto de miembros de GACHA, especialistas y colaboradores de Census y realizó un breve recordatorio de las actividades efectuadas por GACHA en su colaboración con Census 2010.

Wanda López tuvo la amabilidad hace unas semanas de contestarnos a las preguntas que le formulamos respecto a GACHA, su relación con Census y las tareas realizadas y proyectadas para esta campaña de Census 2010. (Ir al final de este artículo a Noticias Relacionadas).

Transcripción literal del discurso pronunciado por Wanda López (Directora Ejecutiva de GACHA) ante el Gobernador del Estado en el Acto de Proclamación del Día del Census:

“The Governor’s Advisory Council on Hispanic Affairs (GACHA) has been a census partner since 2008.

I want to acknowledge the members that were able to take time off work to be here today, Jorge Camacho (Chair), Charito Calvachi-Mateyko, & Cindy Mitchell – all the census representatives – and the young leaders’ members of Venture Crew 2721 and their troop leader Evelyn Diaz – who plan to do some census canvassing in their neighborhoods to encourage them to complete the questionnaire.

GACHA joined forces with other Hispanic council and commission nationwide to sign a memorandum of collaboration supported by Dr Juan Andrade, president of the United States Hispanic Leadership Institute (USHLI) to form the United States Council on Latino Affairs.

This peer fellowship of 16 directors of Latino council/commission has met annually for the past 6 years to share best practices around organization development and policy recommendations – we made the census our national project.

For the past three years GACHA has included the census message in all meetings and events including our Hispanic Heritage Month Proclamation in 2008 & 2009.

Our Cuenta Conmigo (Count on Me) campaign has been focused on spreading the message to the Hispanic community about the importance of being counted.

We have included the census message in our monthly updates to a network of over 1000 Hispanics statewide.

GACHA referred candidates to the census for jobs and connected the partnership specialist with community leaders and organizations, and assisted in securing sites for testing and training of census workers. On November 7, 2009 GACHA launched its Complete Count Committee to provide an opportunity to connect people and organizations with Regional and local US Census Bureau representatives.

The Aspira Clubs at Alexis I duPont, McKean (happening today with the help of Don Sturgeon census representative) and Glasgow high school have held census awareness events; and we included the census message at the first Latina Childcare Provider conference held on March 20.

Monday I visited two schools, with the help of Senator Carper and census representatives Marco Garduño and Evelyn Diaz, to spread the census message to students because in our community they may be the ones completing the questionnaire. GACHAs biggest contribution was to be a catalyst in fostering more census partnerships and creating the dialog that led to the formation of the Sussex Complete Count Committee – spearheaded by our GACHA member Cindy Mitchell and Allison Burris Castellanos with El Centro Cultural.

They will share a brief summary of their community outreach in Sussex County and Jess Quintero will close with a few comments about Census Partnerships.”

Tras haber tomado la palabra, Cindy Mitchel, Allison Burris Castellanos y Jess Quintero, el gobernador agradeció las intervenciones de todos, pronunciando un discurso en inglés y en español que transcribimos a continuación (disponible pulsando en la sección de Vídeos de esta página web sobre el vídeo “Census proclamation Day”).

Discurso del Gobernador Jack Markell:

“Como gobernador de Delaware mi mensaje principal a la comunidad hispana es que debe ser contado.

La comunidad latina ha sido históricamente difícil de contar y sé que su estatus migratorio puede ser un de las razones. Usted debe saber que si usted vive en Delaware, y trabaja en Delaware, se debe contar para garantizar que sus hijos y su comunidad reciba la ayuda que necesita.

Esta información es confidencial y es sólo para el Departamento de Comercio, ninguna otra agencia, y tendrá un impacto en sus escuelas, hospitales, carreteras para los próximos diez años.

Como Gobernador cuenta conmigo porque cuento con ustedes para nuestro futuro”.

El Gobernador continuó su discurso en inglés diciendo:

“As governor of Delaware my main message to the Hispanic community is that you must be counted.

The Latino community has been historically hard to count and I know that immigration status might be one of the reasons. You must know that if you live in Delaware, and work in Delaware, you must be counted in Delaware to ensure that your children and your community gets the help it needs.

This information is safe and is only for the Department of Commerce, no other agency, and it will impact your schools, hospitals, roads for the next 10 years.

As governor you can count on me because I’m counting on you for our future.

Why is the Census important:

1. Improve economic development efforts, so that we can create quality jobs

2. Ensure that our educational system is equipped for the right number of students

3. Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of government. Nearly every government agency needs to know the number of people it serves to properly allocate resources.

1. Accurate and complete Census data are essential for all of our economic development and job creation efforts.

* Our private sector partners need to know who their clients and customers are, where they are, and what they need.

* Employers need to know who is available in the workforce, where they are, and what their capabilities might be.

* DEDO needs to know where workers and customers are in order to find sites for factories, distribution centers and stores.

2. Accurate and complete Census data are essential for improvements to our educational system.

* We need to know how many children there are and where they live in order to plan for school locations, personnel, and classroom resources.

3. Accurate and complete Census data are essential for our efforts to improve government efficiency.

* Some $300 billion in federal funds are spent each year based on Census data. Delaware must be accurately counted so that we get our proper share of funding.

* Delaware only has one member of Congress, but an accurate Census is the basis of a fair redistricting of our state legislature, the county councils and Levy Court, and other legislative areas. They say that the more local the election, the more powerful one person’s vote can be. So we must have an accurate count of who we are and where we are.

* Municipal and county leaders make important land use decisions based in part on demographic data based on the US Census.

* Our Health and Social Services professionals as they plan for the services that we need to provide.

* When storms hit our coast, or other events require emergency managers to act quickly, they need to know how many people live in an area, and what ages they are, so that they bring the right tools and resources. Life and death decisions are made on the basis of Census data.

A part of Delaware’s strength comes from our diversity – diversity in age, race, origin and experience. We need to know as much as we can about who is here, in order to celebrate that diversity and improve life for a people in Delaware.”