Questionnaire Assistance Centers/Be Counted Sites will only be OPEN until Monday, April 19


1. If you know someone in Sussex County who has NOT received their Census form yet, please encourage them to visit a Questionnaire Assistance Center/Be Counted Site to pick up a blank form in English or in Spanish. They can complete the form, with their address, and mail it in. We would like to encourage them to pick up their form THIS WEEK. There are Questionnaire Assistance Centers/Be Counted Sites in each town, but they will only be OPEN until Monday, April 19. After that, people will have to wait until Census takers visit their house to participate in the Census.

Milford – Libreria El Faro
Milford – Iglesia de Dios la Roca
Georgetown – La Esperanza
Georgetown – La Casita
Bridgeville – Union United Methodist Church
Seaford – Iglesia de Dios Maranatha
Lewes – Lewes Chamber of Commerce
Rehoboth – Lutheran Church of our Savior
Millsboro – Nanticoke Indian Museum
Selbyville – Selbyville Public Library

2. If you know someone in Sussex County who HAS received their form, but they have NOT mailed it in yet, PLEASE encourage them to mail it in THIS WEEK. If the Census folks do not receive the form by April 19, their address may be placed on the list for the Census takers to visit their home.

Even though it seems as if the Census is winding down, right now, every day is important. PLEASE keep talking about the Census with your family, your friends, at your church, at work, with everyone you run into at Walmart, with EVERYONE. Call people, email people, text people, whatever you can do to reach out to the Hispanic Community in Sussex County. We want to encourage as many people as possible to participate by mail. This will increase our mail participation rate and also decrease the overall cost of the Census to us as taxpayers.

The time is NOW. The Census only happens ONCE every 10 YEARS. If we do a good job now, Sussex County will be a better place for the next 10 years. So please take the time TODAY to reach out to your contacts to talk about the Census.

Thank you,