Quick storm response updates


Some basic info:

. State EOC continues to be activated.

. Joint Information Team will establish location at DEMA at 4 p.m. until then, PIOs available on cell phones.

. Clearing snow from roofs, particularly flat roofs such as on mobile homes remains of utmost importance. People need to safely help each other out.

.Whenever possible to safely do so, clear snow from limbs that might fall across power lines or on houses or vehicles. NEVER try to move downed power lines!!

.Per state police, drivers can be charged for creating a hazard by not clearing snow off hoods and roofs of vehicles. It is a fine-able offense.

.Additionally, according to State Police, in addition to clearing snow from the hoods and roofs of vehicles, vehicle windows must be cleared of snow and ice as not to obstruct the driver’s view. Failure to do so is also susceptible to fine.

.Two Red Cross shelters remain open, Milford Middle and Sussex Central. If additional shelters are opened, it will be announced to all media. Those who seek Red Cross shelter must bring their own medications, bedding, toiletries, clothing, any special foods that are needed or desired, games, books other entertainment.

.Storm predicted to start late afternoon, early evening. Please shop now and avoid driving once precipitation begins. Heavy accumulation expected overnight and into Wednesday afternoon. High winds will accompany storm. Secure anything that is not already deep under snow.