Raffle in the Sussex Academy of Arts and Sciences


The Sussex Academy of Arts and Sciences, the first charter school in Sussex County, is celebrating this year its 10 th anniversary.

To obtain funds for the fundraiser of the school, some members of the Foundation Board have the idea to celebrate a raffle.

For only $20, the participants could be the winners of one of three Delaware live 4-digit black tags.

With the presence of Bill Pfaff and Gary L. Wright (board members) among others, the drawing (the first fund-raising experience in ten years for the Sussex Academy) was held on a very hot Saturday, June 5th, outside the school.
The desired prizes (tags numbers 4362, 5829 and 9972) went to Mr. Peet, Mr. Bearish and Bill Chestoff respectively.

Bill Pfaff, member of the original founding board which founded the school, was in charge of calling the winners and communicate them the good news.
Two of the winners are parents of students attending the Sussex Academy.

This initiative tried to obtain money across the members of the school and the community for first time in its existence. “It is a learning experience for us,” said Bill Pfaff at the end of the raffle.