Remembering Josh


On this day six years ago, we lost Josh Freeman. Josh was a man of tremendous spirit, vision, intellect, wit and generosity.

The impact that Josh had on his family, friends, employees and communities can still be felt and seen today. Take a drive around Montgomery County, MD or Sussex County, DE and you are bound to see an impression that Josh has left. The communities that he created are not those of just sticks and shingles…they are ones of everlasting bonds and fellowship. Josh wanted to make this a better world in which we live. He certainly did, and continues to do so.

With Josh’s unexpected death, came the birth of the Joshua M. Freeman Foundation and The Freeman Stage at Bayside. Since 2008, The Freeman Stage has presented over 250 performances, and hosted over 100,000 patrons…including thousands of community outreach guests.

As we enter into our 6th season at The Freeman Stage at Bayside, we are confident that Josh would be proud of the blossoming arts organization that has been created with the help of our communities. Josh was aware that the arts are integral to the lives of our citizens. We appreciate them for their intrinsic benefits – their beauty and vision and how they inspire, soothe, provoke, and connect us. The arts provide bridges between cultures. They embody the accumulated wisdom, intellect, and imagination of humankind.

At the Joshua M. Freeman Foundation, our core purpose is to create opportunities to elevate the human spirit. The connections and bridges that the arts create will help us get there, but we cannot do it alone.

How can you support the Joshua M. Freeman Foundation? Spread the word. Volunteer at The Freeman Stage.

Make a donation.

A gift of any amount can make a significant impact towards our future in the community. With your support, the possibilities are endless. To donate today in honor of your family, a loved one, or Josh, visit