Rep. Carney statement commemorating Veterans Day


WILMINGTON — U.S. Representative John Carney today released the following statement commemorating Veterans Day:

“As Vice President Joe Biden has said, ‘our nation’s one truly sacred obligation is to prepare and equip those we send into harm’s way, and to care for them when they come home.’

I’m reminded of this obligation when I hear about our soldiers being attacked by terrorists in Afghanistan. I’m reminded of this obligation when I see veterans in wheelchairs at the entrance to the floor of the House of Representatives. And I’m reminded of this obligation when I meet veterans at Walter Reed Medical Center and Delaware’s Veterans Home.

“It’s always inspiring to meet so many brave young men and women who have faced tremendous challenges, and yet maintain their positive attitude and commitment to service. It’s a strong reminder of the cost of freedom and the uneven burden that vets and their families bear, whether they served in World War II or Iraq and Afghanistan.

“We can never fully repay this debt to the more than 22 million living veterans, but we will do our best. Last month, I was proud to support bipartisan legislation that gives veterans retraining assistance to prepare them for new careers. I’ve also voted for legislation that passed to improve and upgrade veterans health care facilities, because veterans deserve nothing less than the best hospitals. These are important steps, but we must do more — and we will do more.

“Delawareans have always held the honorable service of military members in the highest regard. Veterans Day is an important time to reflect on the gratitude that all of us have for the sacrifices that veterans and their families make. They make those sacrifices for the American people. They make those sacrifices to keep the United States the ‘city upon a hill,’ a beacon for freedom, liberty, and justice for all the world to see.”