Rep. Helene Keeley announces retirement from House


WILMINGTON – Rep. Helene Keeley announced Monday that she is retiring from the House of Representatives at the conclusion of her term.

When Rep. Keeley, 53, was elected in 1996, she was one of only two female members in the House Democratic Caucus. She has dedicated more than 20 years of service to the residents of the city of Wilmington and Delaware, championing legislation to further criminal justice reform, improve addiction help, and combat human trafficking and predatory payday lending.

“This is a bittersweet moment, and one that I struggled with during the past month. I’ve always had this tradition to file for re-election on or around May 15 – my birthday – but ever since I filed this year, I could not shake the feeling that it is time for someone else to have an opportunity to serve the 3rd Representative District,” said Rep. Keeley, D-South Wilmington.

“My district is incredibly diverse in experiences, income level and demographics, and it has been a true privilege to serve and help my community in all aspects of their lives. I’ve seen the joy of someone who had a criminal record as a kid finally find employment, and the importance of new infrastructure and neighborhood beautification projects in a community.

“We have the opportunity to enact real change and impact lives through our work in the General Assembly, and I have been lucky enough to represent the city of Wilmington, a city I was born and raised in, for the last 22 years. I hope that another individual will find the same pride and satisfaction I have felt with this great responsibility. I look forward to continuing to serve the public in my current capacity as Community Relations Coordinator with the Department of Labor.”