Rep. Mike Castle Just Voted Against Creating Millions of Jobs


U.S. Rep. Mike Castle Put Partisanship and Failed Bush Policies of the Past Ahead of Struggling Out-of-Work Delaware Families With Vote Against President Obama’s ‘American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan’

Americans United for Change: “With no help from Castle, President Obama’s recovery plan one step closer towards creating millions of jobs and strengthening the economy in the near and long term for America’s struggling middle-class families.”

Washington D.C. – Americans United for Change (AUFC), a progressive issue-advocacy group helping lead the Campaign for Jobs and Economic Recovery Now, praised the passage in the U.S. House of Representatives tonight of President Barack Obama’s ‘American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan’ – a plan that will create or save three to four million jobs, strengthen our middle class, and improve the economy in the near and long term by making sound, smart investments in health care, energy efficiency, transportation and schools. AUFC also blasted U.S. Representative Mike Castle’s opposition to the Obama jobs plan and his decision to put partisan politics and the failed Bush economic policies of the past ahead of out-of-work Delaware families struggling under the worst recession in our lifetimes.

Brad Woodhouse, of Americans United for Change: “Thanks to the extraordinary leadership of President Obama and Speaker Pelosi, the U.S. House has acted quickly and decisively to move forward this major economic recovery plan that will put millions of middle-class Americans back to work and back spending money again. This was perhaps the most historic vote in Congress since the vote to authorize the war in Iraq. Yet, amid a crippling economic recession that has cost millions of Americans their jobs and threatens millions more if nothing is done, Congressman Mike Castle chose to put partisan politics and the failed policies of the past over the struggling families he represents. President Obama reached out to Democrats and Republicans alike and set aside partisanship and ideology to craft a bold measure to get America back to work. It’s sad that Rep. Castleis still clinging to petty partisanship and the same failed, well-worn ideology of Bush “trickle-down” economics that got us into this mess to begin with.”