Residents of Flood-Prone Areas Advised to Move to Safer Areas


Officials at the Delaware Emergency Management Agency (DEMA), along with officials in New Castle, Kent and Sussex Counties, continue to strongly urge residents in flood-prone areas of the state to make a move to relocate to safer areas inland before tides and flooding cut off exit routes.

Evacuations have not been ordered, but residents in areas that experience flooding during coastal storms should begin moving to higher ground while exit routes are open and before the most severe storm conditions occur. Those areas are almost certain to experience flooding over the next 24 hours, and conditions during the height of the storm could make the process of leaving flooded areas dangerous or impossible.

The National Weather Service has already posted Wind Advisories for Kent and Sussex Counties, Coastal Flood Warnings for Kent and Sussex Counties. Winter Weather Advisories are in place for New Castle and Kent Counties as well, with heavy precipitation in the form of rain, changing to snow later in the day, along with high winds and strong gusts. Tidal flooding is expected.

Coastal communities in Sussex County along the Delaware Bay, including Prime Hook and Broadkill Beach, along inland bays in areas such as Angola and Oak Orchard are a primary concern, and access issues have already been experienced in the Prime Hook area. Residents in those areas should relocate before the storm arrives. Kent County residents of Big Stone Beach, Bennetts Park, South Bowers Beach, Bowers Beach, Kitts Hummock, Pickering Beach, and Woodland Beach should move to safer areas before the storm intensifies later today and makes movement difficult or dangerous.

New Castle County residents of areas such as Bay View Beach, Augustine Beach, Delaware City and the City of New Castle where flooding has previously been experienced, should be alert to conditions and ready to move as well.