Results First Two Months of Speed Enforcement Campaign


Dover – Officers participating in the statewide effort to Stop Speeding Before it Stops You, have issued 3,347 additional citations for speeding violations in the first two months of enforcement. 391 of the speed citations came last week (Aug. 24 – 30). OHS launched the important highway safety initiative on July 6th. For the second year in a row, highway safety and law enforcement officials are focusing specifically on stopping speeding drivers and reducing speed related crashes in the state.

In addition to the speed citations issued in the first two months, officers also issued 25 citations for aggressive driving, 158 citations for seat belt violations, and 1178 for other traffic violations.

Currently, acts of aggressive driving are listed as a primary contributing factor in approximately 47% of Delaware’s fatal crashes which have occurred since January 1st. Speed is the most frequently occurring aggressive driving behavior listed and it alone is a contributing factor in roughly 20% of the state’s fatal crashes.

Stepped up enforcement of the state’s speed and aggressive driving laws will take place over the Labor Day weekend and will continue through October. During this time, Delaware State Police, New Castle County Police and Dover Police will conduct either single or two-officer team patrols looking for speeders and other dangerous drivers such as those who run red lights or are impaired by drugs and or alcohol. Additionally, State Police will conduct four (4) multiple officer team operations.

The public can also take an active role this effort by calling 911 to report aggressive drivers. Twelve roadway signs have been placed in or near high crash locations throughout Delaware, encouraging motorists to call 911 to report aggressive and impaired drivers. Drivers should not call or email OHS to report aggressive drivers.

The Stop Aggressive Driving campaign is the third initiative in the 120 Days of Summer HEAT campaign, a summertime crackdown on traffic violators. For more information about the Stop Aggressive Driving campaign and OHS’s other safety initiatives