Rob Arlett, defeated Vance Phillips for Fifth Council District Sussex County


The voters of the Fifth Council District in Sussex County have spoken. Rob Arlett, a man with bold ideas and a civic spirit will have his opportunity to give both eastern and western Sussex a voice.

The Republican winner of Tuesday’s primary against incumbent Vance Phillips says he views the wide swath of land stretching from east to western Sussex as an opportunity to bring creative solutions for all of the people in the county.

“I intend to go forward to the November elections with a view towards serving all of the people of the county. There is so much we can do here with creative thinking and energy. This is God’s country and whether one is a Republican or Democrat, people want to see their children thrive, the economy jump start and the environment enhanced. We can do it all with responsible leadership and good-will cooperation between business leaders, the people and government.”

Charles (“Skip”) Derick, a retired Defense Department contractor who lives in Rob’s district, said he’s known Rob for years. “We’re really proud of Rob; he’s very passionate about whatever he decides to do. He will do the right thing for Delaware.”

The race for the Fifth Council District was called with 55.1 percent of the vote for Rob Arlett and 44.9 per cent for Mr. Phillips.