SB 65 FAST Signed

After three years of research, meetings, multiple bill drafts, and consensus building, Senate Substitute 1 for Senate Bill 65 (SB65), also known as FAST, has been signed into law.
This new program takes the same concept that SEED laid out for college-bound students and applies that to students who are not pursuing a college degree, but certifications in programs that are so desperately needed in the workforce of today.
“I’m confident that this will prove to be transformative for the lives of thousands of young adults in Delaware,” said State Sen. Brian Pettyjohn.
“I am proud of the work everyone did in getting this to the finish line. I wish to thank Representatives Bush and Shupe for sponsoring the legislation in the House of Representatives, and also to all of the co-sponsors for supporting the measure from the start. Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, I’d like to thank our former chief of staff, Dave Burris, for his vision and assistance in crafting the measure at the beginning of this journey.”
Here are some highlights from FAST’s signing ceremony as well as Senator Lawson’s Senate Bill 47, of which Sen. Pettyjohn was a co-sponsor.