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Nov 23 y 24: El consulado guatemalteco en Millsboro
  • Nov 23 y 24: El consulado guatemalteco en Millsboro
    El consulado guatemalteco va a llevar a cabo un fin de semana para trámites consulares en el sur de Delaware los días 23 y 24 de noviembre, 2013. Se podrá tramitar ID consulares y pasaportes, así como anotaciones en el Registro Civil: nacimientos, matrimonios y defunciones. El servicio consular tendrá lugar en las instalaciones del restaurante La Quetzalteca de Millsboro, ubicado en 26007 Pugs Crossing (Rt 24).


  • Nov. 16: Visita de "MI CASA ES PUEBLA" en Fildelfia
    El Consulado de México en Filadelfia informa que el sábado 16 de noviembre de 2013, representantes de la oficina "Mi Casa es Puebla" estarán presentes en las instalaciones del Consulado de México en Filadelfia, con el fin de auxiliar a la comunidad poblana en los siguientes servicios: 1. Obtención de actas de nacimiento del Estado de Puebla 2. Obtención de constancias de vecindad del Estado de Puebla 3. Obtención de contancias de estudio del Estado de Puebla 4. Obtención de certificado de estudios del Estado de Puebla 5. Reposición y canje de licencias de conducir del Estado de Puebla....
  • “On border security: enough is enough!”
    MIAMI, FL - The DREAM Action Coalition condemns the despicable amendment and its effort to defeat it. Most importantly, we want to emphasize that we will continue to remind Republicans, specially Florida Senator Marco Rubio, and Democrats, specially Senator Chuck Schumer, that its not just passing a immigration bill that is important, but also the manner in which the bill is passed. That is what really matters to our community. The Corker-Hoeven amendment blows a $50 billion dollar hole in our government’s budget for 20,000 more border patrol agents, 700 miles of border fence and a more ....
  • ULTIMAS NOTICIAS sobre Reforma Migratoria/BREAKING NEWS about Immigration Reform
    Hoy, el Presidente Obama habló sobre la necesidad de que el Senado apruebe una reforma migratoria bipartita y de sentido común. Una coalición amplia, bipartita y diversa de líderes empresariales, sindicales, religiosos y de fe así como líderes policiales y otros líderes de la comunidad de todo el país se unieron al Presidente en su llamada a la acción en esta legislación crítica. Detrás del Presidente se encontraba un grupo bipartita y diverso de líderes que no siempre están de acuerdo en todos los asuntos, pero sin embargo estaban de acuerdo en la necesidad de la reforma migratoria. Ven ....
  • Congressman Gutierrez Join Hundreds of Organizations in Calling for Suspension of Deportations
    Congressman Gutierrez and other Congress people will join fathers facing deportation and representatives of more than 400 immigrant rights organizations to deliver a letter asking President Obama to suspend deportations for those who would be entitled to eventual citizenship in the immigration bill being currently debated. The press conference comes the day after the President brought together immigration reform advocates at the White House to discuss the way forward. ”We call on the President to relieve the suffering of families by ceasing deportations as Congress debates reform,” sa....
  • Chile to Join U.S. Visa Waiver Program
    Chilean President Sebastian Piñera visited Washington this week as part of a tour that also includes stops in Canada, El Salvador, and Panama. The leader met with U.S. President Barack Obama, as well as Secretary of State John Kerry to talk trade. During a DC press conference on June 4, Piñera announced that Chile will join the United States’ Visa Waiver Program, eliminating visa requirements for Chilean citizens who wish to visit the United States for up to 90 days. Chile will become the only Latin American country in the program.
  • Senator Coons participates in roundtable discussion on immigration reform
    WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Chris Coons (D-Del.), a member of the Judiciary Committee and an advocate on comprehensive immigration reform, participated in a roundtable discussion on Wednesday on ideas for overhauling our broken immigration system. The meeting was hosted by the Senate Democratic Steering and Outreach Committee and featured 22 leaders who are involved with faith, agriculture, labor, and civil rights communities, including Ana Velasquez, the director of prevention and advocacy for the Latin American Community Center in Wilmington. With the Senate working on a bipartisan so....
  • Thousands of people participated in the Immigration Reform March in Washington
    The National Week of Action for Citizenship culminated in the Rally for Citizen on the United States Capitol last April 10. Thousands of people from more than 30 states participated in the rally which showcased multi-sector support for immigration refom. NAACP president Benjamin Jealous delivered the keynote address. The speakers remarked that undocumented immigrants are Americans-in-waiting. Most live in families and most have been here longer than a decade. Many are young people – DREAMers – who have excelled in high school and college. In addition, most undocumented America....
  • Abril 10: Marcha por la Reforma Migratoria
    El 10 de abril se llevará a cabo una Marcha por la Reforma Migratoria en el U.S. Capitol de Washington, DC. A partir de las 3 pm y organizado por CASA de Maryland, la comunidad va a tener la oportunidad de demostrar su apoyo a la reforma migratoria que se está preparando por una comisión bipartidista.
  • BREAKING: House Passes Expanded Violence Against Women Act
    After a failed vote on a Republican-supported version of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) that took out many of the bill’s expanded protections, the Republican-controlled House passed the Senate version of VAWA that adds additional coverage for immigrant, LGBT, and Native American victims. The Senate passed the bill earlier in February, so now it heads to President Obama for his signature. Congress failed to reauthorize the law in 2012, making it the first time since VAWA went into effect in 1994 that the measure to protect domestic violence victims had been allowed to expire. Th....
  • A la espera de un retorno
    Más de 72 millones de personas en todo el mundo se ven obligadas a abandonar sus hogares e, incluso, sus países, según el último informe realizado por Cruz Roja. Son migrantes forzosos y las causas son muy diversas: hambre, violencia, conflictos, persecuciones, cambio climático… Millones de personas que cada año son obligadas a dejar su entorno y vivir desarraigados sin saber cuándo podrán volver. “Uno de cada cien personas del planeta se ve obligado a emigrar”, denuncia la Cruz Roja. Y lo alarmante es que la cifra no deja de aumentar. El Acnur, la Agencia para los Refugiados de Naciones ....
  • Rival Immigration reform plans could ignite Capitol Hill fireworks
    The comprehensive immigration reform proposal spread out Jan. 29 in Las Vegas by President Obama could eventually put as many as 11 million undocumented immigrants, about 80 percent of whom are Hispanic, on a path to U.S. citizenship. It is could also light up the sky with an awesome display of political fireworks by the Fourth of July. While Obama’s 25-minute televised speech was seen and heard by millions and then regurgitated and analyzed for days by print as well as broadcast media, its message was clearly directed to those 535 members of Congress who must sign off befor....
  • Legalization: Who And Why?
    Washington, D.C.—Today, the Immigration Policy Center held a tele-briefing to discuss who the 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the U.S. are and what lessons we've learned from previous broad legalization programs. The central question in the immigration reform debate for much of the American public will be how to create a pathway to legal status for the 11 million immigrants currenty living in the U.S. without authorization. How this pathway will be shaped turns on critical questions such as who are the unauthorized immigrants who would be attaining legal status? What would t....
  • Transcription of President Obama's remarks in Las Vegas
    PRESIDENT OBAMA: Thank you. (APPLAUSE) Thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you. (APPLAUSE) Thank you. It is good to be back in Las Vegas. (APPLAUSE) And it is good to be among so many good friends. Let -- let me start off by thanking everybody at Del Sol High School for hosting us. (APPLAUSE) Go Dragons. Let me especially thank your outstanding principal, Lisa Primos (ph). (APPLAUSE) There are all kinds of notable guests here, but I just want to mention a few. First of all, our outstanding secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, is her....
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