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  • Six tax prep tips to help small businesses get ready for tax season
    As you settle down after the busy holiday season, you will soon face another season – tax season! Small business owners need to understand how taxes may affect their business. It is important to file properly, avoid audits and claim the right tax deductions, so here are six tips to help ease the burden of tax preparation and help you get ready for the April 15 deadline. 1. Keep Good Records: Proper record-keeping year-round is the first step to ensuring your taxes are filed accurately and that you have the paperwork you need to back up your deduction claims just in case you’re audited....
  • Seis consejos para ayudar a las pequeñas empresas y negocios a prepararse para la temporada de impuestos
    A medida que se establecen después de la temporada de vacaciones, pronto se enfrentarán a otra temporada - temporada de impuestos! Los propietarios de pequeños negocios necesitan entender cómo los impuestos pueden afectar a su negocio. Es importante presentar correctamente, evitar las auditorías y reportas las deducciones fiscales adecuadas, así que aquí tienen seis consejos para ayudar a aliviar la carga de la preparación de impuestos y ayudarles a prepararse para el 15 de abril. 1. Mantenga buenos registros: El mantenimiento de registros durante todo el año es el primer paso para a....
  • ILC Dover to open new plant in Sussex County
    Dover, DE (Jan. 17, 2013) – Engineering development and manufacturing firm ILC Dover will bring 115 new jobs to Delaware after moving the manufacturing operations of its recently acquired subsidiary, Grayling Industries, to a new plant in Sussex County later this year. Gov. Jack Markell, who announced the new jobs in Thursday’s State of the State Address, said ILC Dover’s decision to move Grayling’s manufacturing operations to Delaware is indicative of the state’s friendliness toward small businesses, especially those on the cutting edge of new technology and innovation. The newly cons....
  • Delaware awaits outcome of "Fiscal Cliff" talks
    The so-called "fiscal cliff" is looming closer as Congressional leaders and the Obama administration try to reach an agreement to avoid the automatic implementation of a package of tax increases and spending cuts set to take effect at the start of the New Year. If a deal is not struck by the deadline, the $607 billion deficit-reduction package called for by the Budget Control Act of 2011 goes into effect January 1, impacting federal, state and local government operations.
  • Lecciones desde Canadá
    Los legisladores del Congreso se reunieron la semana pasada para tratar de sacar adelante un acuerdo con el que evitar el abismo fiscal. Los demócratas insisten en que el incremento de la recaudación forme parte de ese acuerdo, diciendo que esa recaudación adicional es el único modo de reducir la deuda nacional. Sin embargo, no es una falta de recaudación lo que está impulsando la deuda de Estados Unidos, es el gasto federal desbocado. Además, los legisladores americanos que están tratando de resolver la inminente crisis fiscal de Estados Unidos no necesitan mirar más allá de Canadá. En C....
  • CANCELED - Sussex County Today & Tomorrow conference
    The Sussex County Today & Tomorrow conference has been canceled due to weather conditions caused by Sandy. It was scheduled for Wednesday, October 31 at Delaware Tech in Georgetown. Registration money already paid will be refunded.
  • U.S. Hispanic business owners: Cut back now, grow later
    Wilmington, DE (Sept. 11, 2012) – Nine out of 10 Hispanic business owners are optimistic about their prospects over the next two years but concerns about the U.S. economy have led the majority to focus on conserving cash and managing expenses more carefully. Results of the first-ever PNC Hispanic Business Owners Outlook, which sought business insights from America’s largest and fastest-growing ethnic group, also found that most of these owners often employ family members, but not their family’s financial resources, in their operations. “Hispanic business owners are taking a conservativ....
  • Lessons learned from Fisker Motors
    Since the state of Delaware awarded Fisker Motors an interest free loan of $12.5 million and a $9 million grant, what has transpired and what lessons can be learned from this? Following the loan and grant from the state and a $529 million federal government loan guarantee, things have been ugly. Fisker decided to use government money to build its prototype sports car, Karma, in Finland rather than the United States. Then, two Karmas have literally gone up in flames. Adding insult to injury, a Karma purchased by Consumers Report died on the test track and had to be hauled away. Fisker h....
  • Made in America, manufactured in Delaware
    Delaware has a rich manufacturing tradition. For decades, high quality, highly paid manufacturing jobs sustained our communities – and I believe they can again. We can make products in America and manufacture them in Delaware if we put the right policies in place. In fact, we have already seen progress with the groundbreaking of a new manufacturing facility on the grounds of the shuttered Chrysler plant in Newark. If we want to support companies that make their products in America, which creates jobs and strengthens our middle class, we have to make the right choices in our tax code. ....
  • The Looming Triple Tax Increase in Your Future
    The so-called Bush tax cuts are set to expire at the end of the year. That means that all of the current income tax rates will rise to pre-2001 levels overnight. The lowest rate will jump from 10% to 15% and the highest from 35% to 39.6%. Although Congress extended all of the cuts at the end of last year, it's now debating whether to let those cuts expire for individuals making $200,000, and families earning $250,000. Prior to 2001, dividends were taxed as ordinary income. The Bush tax cuts then dropped the rate on dividends and capital gains to 15%. Thus, if the tax cuts expire, the divi....
  • Delaware's Economy: Four Years in the Wilderness
    The April, 2012 labor market data for Delaware has just been released and the numbers are not encouraging. Compared to April of 2008, four years ago, total employment in Delaware is down by 20,000. Construction jobs are down 40%, manufacturing off 22%, and finance jobs down 6%. Government, of course, is up 2%. Although compared to four years ago the civilian labor force in Delaware is off by 5,000 people, the number of folks unemployed is up by 68%. Real (inflation-adjusted) Delaware personal income is essentially unchanged and real total wages have dropped 4%. And, unsurprisingly, ....
  • Economic Development with no accountability
    What would you think of officials who spend tens of millions of your tax dollars every year and never check on whether citizens get what they pay for? That’s what’s happening with Delaware’s questionable program to buy jobs. The state regularly gives your tax dollars to companies that promise to create or maintain jobs here. The catch is that nobody ever checks on whether the companies keep the promises they made about jobs. A new study by the Pew Center on the States evaluated states that pay companies in return for the promise of jobs. Delaware was found lacking. According to Pew,....
  • A Consumerist, not "All of the Above," Energy Policy
    President Obama just can't decide on Keystone XL. Earlier this year, he denied approval for the project, which would have unleashed construction of a 2,600-mile pipeline to transport oil from Canadian shales to American refineries. Yet at a recent campaign stop in Cushing, Oklahoma, the Energy-Impresario-in-Chief said he did support the pipeline -- well, part of it. He announced a plan to fast-track Keystone's southern leg, a 484-mile track running from Cushing to the Gulf Coast. A White House that rejects a major energy project one day, then demands fast-track approval for that same p....
  • Websites now free for Delaware businesses
    Wilmington, DE – Google has announced "Delaware Get Your Business Online", in which it has worked with local partners to design the program, that will help drive economic growth by giving Delaware businesses the tools and resources to establish a website, find new customers, and grow their business. Increasing the number of small businesses online is one of the best ways to expand the Delaware economy. "Delaware Get Your Business Online" is an easy and fast way for Delaware businesses to get online. For the next year, participating Delaware businesses can go to http://www.DelawareGetOnlin....
  • SBA announces 2012 Small Business Award winners
    Wilmington, DE – Fourteen people will receive awards from the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Delaware District Office, at the Small Business Awards Dinner in Newark on Monday, May 14. Each year the President of the United States designates one week as National Small Business Week in recognition of the small business community’s contribution to the American economy. The 2012 observance of National Small Business Week is May 20-22 in Washington, D.C. where more than 100 outstanding small business owners from around the country will be honored and the National Small Business Person of ....
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