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  • Declaración de Madrid
    El pasado Viernes 23 de Octubre, tuvo lugar en la sede del Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Madrid, la firma de la Declaración de Madrid sobre la responsabilidad social de la abogacía (RSA). En la Declaración los abogados, despachos de abogados, Asociaciones y Colegios de Abogados firmantes proclaman su compromiso con la sociedad y con el valor universal de la justicia. El acto estuvo presidido por el Decano del Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Madrid D. Antonio Hernández-Gil y contó con la asistencia de Decanos de numerosos Colegios profesionales de Latinoamérica, Europa y Africa, así como ....
  • Kaufman introduces bill to eliminate sentencing disparity between crack and powder cocaine would eliminate current 100:1 disparity in punishment
    WASHINGTON, D.C. – This week, Sen. Ted Kaufman (D-DE) joined Assistant Senate Majority Leader Dick Durbin (D-IL), Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-VT), Crime and Drugs Subcommittee Chairman Arlen Specter (D-PA), and six other Senators, to introduce legislation that will eliminate the sentencing disparity between crack and powder cocaine. The Fair Sentencing Act would refocus scarce federal resources toward large scale, violent traffickers and increase penalties for the worst drug offenders. “The huge disparity in sentencing under today’s law is unfair and unwarranted,” said Sen....
  • Hoy en Delaware Interviews Eric Doroshow
    CV's Mr. Eric Doroshow is very impressive. He is graduated on Albright College (cum laude with honors), and in Marshall Law School, 1971 as Juris Doctor (Member of Law Review). He is specialized in Personal Injury, Worker's Compensation and Bankruptcy. Bar Admissions: Delaware, Pennsylvania, District of Columbia. His Professional Affiliations: Delaware State Bar Association (DSBA), Delaware Trial Lawyers Association (DTLA) and American Trial Lawyers Association (ATLA). Some years ago he was President of Delaware Trial Lawyers Association (1994-1995). Since 1983 he is Host of weekly....
  • Read contracts carefully before signing
    (To read the Spanish version of this article you can follow the link of relationed news.Para leer la versión española de este artículo puede seguir el link de noticias relacionadas). When people hear the word "contract," some start daydreaming about signing a multimillion dollar deal with the NFL while others recall how their knees shook the day they signed that first car loan. If you think about it, though, many of our day-to-day decisions involve contracts. Broadly defined, contracts are mutually binding agreements between two or more parties to do – or not do – something. It could be a....
  • Lea los contratos cuidadosamente antes de firmar
    (Para leer la versión inglesa de este artículo puede seguir el link de noticias relacionadas. To read the English version of this article you can follow the link of relationed news). Cuando las personas escuchan la palabra "contrato", algunas comienzan a fantasear sobre la firma de un acuerdo multimillonario en dólares con la NFL mientras que otras recuerdan cómo se sacudieron sus rodillas el día que firmaron que primer préstamo para el automóvil. Sin embargo, si lo considera, muchas de nuestras decisiones cotidianas involucran contratos. Definidos ampliamente, los contratos son acuerdos m....
  • DSTP’S replacement gets Senate’s OK
    DOVER – If there’s one thing students, teachers and parents generally agree on, it’s this: DSTP may be the most hated acronym in the state. And Thursday, the Senate voted 19-0 to approve the student accountability test’s replacement for students from Kindergarten to the Eighth Grade, which is scheduled to go into statewide use during the 2010-2011 school year. Unlike the current test, which is given once a year, students will be able to take the new exam up to three times a year. That, Education Secretary Lillian Lowery said is a big advantage. “If students take it at the beginning of the....
  • Delaware Legislators Rush Through Booze Tax, Just In Time For Summer
    In our age of political vitriol and angst, there is not much that both sides can agree on, except perhaps that good laws are rarely rushed through the legislative process. Case in point is the sudden rush in the Delaware legislature to push through a huge new tax increase of as much as 136 percent on alcoholic beverages in the state. It wasn’t until the end of the day Tuesday, June 9, that Majority Leader Pete Schwartzkopf even allowed the public to see House Bill 212. Terrified by Delaware’s looming $751 million budget deficit, state lawmakers and Gov. Jack Markell are trying to squeeze mor....
  • Delaware child restraint law and other information
    In the wake of the crash in Sussex County involving 4 unrestrained children, the Office of Highway Safety would like to share the following information about Delaware’s Child Restraint Law and what parents can do to keep kids safe: The Law: In laymen’s terms… children have to be in a car seat until age 8 or 65 pounds which ever comes first. Then they must be seat belted in the vehicle. No child under age 12 is allowed to be in the front seat when air bags are present with a few exceptions. Here is the exact text of the law: § 4803. Child restraint in motor vehicles. • (a) Every person....
  • Delaware allows sports betting
    The Delaware Senate voted in favor of Gov. Jack Markell's proposal to legalize sports betting in the state on Tuesday by a vote of 17-2. Markell is expected to sign the bill into law later this week. "It's time to move forward and ensure the Delaware Sports Lottery is a success," Markell said after the vote. "This will generate critical revenue to help fund our core commitments." Delaware is one of only four states in the country -- along with Nevada, Oregon and Montana -- that had sports betting laws on its books when Congress passed the 1992 Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, ....
  • New law helps firefighters answer the call
    DOVER -- It’s going to be easier for some firefighters and ambulance crews to get through traffic and to the firehouse thanks to a new law signed Thursday by Gov. Jack Markell. Under the law, firefighters and ambulance crews, specifically designated by their departments as first responders will be able to have so-called “wig-wag” light kits installed on their cars as an aftermarket item. Previously emergency crews could have the light kits, which rapidly cycle a car’s high- and low-beam headlights, but they had to be factory-installed. This new law will make it easier for firefighters to do ....
  • New Feature Allows Delawareans to Better Understand State Law
    People interested in getting a better handle on the underpinnings of Delaware state law should welcome the appearance of a new Internet tool. Those accessing the state code online delcode.delaware.gov will notice the posting of new active links. When clicked, these links reveal the original legislation that produced or altered that section of the code. For instance, those reviewing the state law that allows volunteer fire companies to hold No Limit Texas Hold'em Poker tournaments for fundraising purposes (TITLE 28, CHAPTER 18) will see live links at the bottom of each section of the code. ....
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