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  • Free community forum series focuses on consumers and energy
    Georgetown, DE – The first in a series of free community forums entitled “Energy & You: Achievable, Affordable and Sustainable” will be held on Tuesday, January 25 from 6 to 8 p.m. in the theater of the Arts & Science Center at Delaware Technical & Community College in Georgetown. The featured presenter will be Bill Andrew, president and CEO of Delaware Electric Cooperative, headquartered in Greenwood, Delaware. Today’s energy strategy must be affordable, achievable and sustainable. How we get there is the key! Using existing technology and common sense is an impor....
  • Deicing roads, driveways & walkways
    Last year at this time we were snowed in with the second snow storm of winter and most of us were sick of shoveling snow and the cold weather. In December we had several snow falls, so I thought I should recycle this article on de-icers just in case we have a repeat of last winter. When winter storms result in icy conditions, de-icers are sometimes used to help relieve some of the dangerous effects. However, precautions must be noted prior to their use. De-icing salt, rock salt or sodium chloride is very effective in making our ice-covered roads and sidewalks safer on which to travel....
  • January Gardening Calendar
    For the First Half of the Month: On warm days, go outside and check your perennials and bulbs to see if they have been heaved out of the ground by freezing and thawing of the soil. If so, press down firmly and cover with at least two inches of organic mulch. Thoroughly check your houseplants for pests. If you find any, treat these immediately before populations get too high. Another common problem of houseplants this time of year is the low humidity that is in most homes during the winter. One way to increase the humidity is to place plants over, but not in, trays which have water in....
  • Selection of Christmas Trees
    It is hard to believe we just had Thanksgiving holiday and many of us will be celebrating Christmas in a couple of weeks. If you are looking for a fun family activity and you are planning to use a real Christmas tree this year, why not visit one of the many Delaware Christmas Tree Grower’s farms to find that special tree and tag it. Tagging will hold it for you until you return a few days before Christmas to cut it down and take it home to decorate. For those of you who may be interested, here are some common varieties of Christmas trees grown and sold in Delaware and guidelines t....
  • Sussex gardener in November
    Here it is -- November already. This article will give you the garden calendar update. For the First Week of November: Plant remainder of spring flowering bulbs. Pull up diseased-free annuals and add to compost pile along with leaves and leftover garden material. Cut back and mulch perennials. Mulching will insulate them from the winter cold, and cutting them back will give them a tidy appearance. Dig up dahlias, caladiums, gladiolus, etc. Wash away soil; dry, label and place in a bag or box; and cover with sphagnum, moss, saw dust, or perlite. Store in a cool, dry place. The S....
  • 2010 Tomatoes - wet, cool conditions result in problems SG
    While at the State Fair, the Master Gardeners had several questions about Blossom End Rot on their tomatoes and bell peppers. I thought many of my readers may also be concerned about that and other common tomato problems. Therefore, I am reprinting the following article in hopes it will answer your concerns too. BACTERIAL SPECK: The fruit and leaves will have many tiny (pinhead size) and slightly raised brown-black specks. If you look closely on the fruit, these specks are bordered in white. On leaves, the border will be yellow colored. This problem is often mis-identified as bacteria....
  • Tips to conserve water during heat wave
    In the yard: .Water your lawn either in the morning or evening – watering during the day is less efficient because of evaporation. Use straight-edged container, such as a tuna can, to determine how long you need to run the sprinkler. Put the can under your sprinkler and time how long it takes to fill that glass an inch. That’s how long you need to water. .Protect your plants with mulch. It helps conserve water by trapping moisture and keeping the soil cool. .If you’re asked to conserve water, don’t panic. Lawns can actually survive a few months without water, and they will recov....
  • June 23 - CODE ORANGE for ozone concentrations
    Date: Wednesday, June 23, 2010 Action Day?: Yes Forecast Discussion: Wednesday is an Air Quality Action Day in Delaware! Mostly sunny and very hot on Wednesday. Ozone concentrations will reach the Code Orange range across the state. Extended Forecast: Hot weather continues on Thursday but strong winds and increasing clouds will improve air quality slightly. Moderate air quality is expected but a slight chance for Code Orange concentrations remains. Much less humid on Friday with moderate air quality. Help Clean The Air Tips: 1. Ride DART First State. Don't know what bus ro....
  • “Happy Gardening!”
    For the First Week of June: .Check bedding plants and remove old flower heads to prolong the blooming period. Also, pinch mums for bushier plants. .Make another planting of vegetables, such as sweet corn and snap beans. .Thin out vegetable plantings; for instance, beets and lettuce. Read seed label for spacing requirements. .Feed roses every month until early August with 1/4 cup of 10-10-10 per plant. .Prune off new growth on your evergreens, if necessary, to maintain shape and size. .Spray fruit trees continually as scheduled. Read and follow label directions. .Prohibit children from rid....
  • “A Time to Sow, and a Time to Thin…”
    This past week, the weather was so nice and warm and I had several telephone calls from residents asking me what vegetables they could now plant in their vegetable gardens. The following will help answer that question in case you are wondering, too. In May, plant direct seeding of string beans, lima beans, carrots, radishes, beets and squash (yellow summer, zucchini, and winter), cucumbers and melons and transplants of tomatoes and peppers (both sweet and hot chilies). You can also plant assorted flowers, both seeds and transplants. And don’t forget your herbs: Plant both seeds and/or transp....
  • “Mmmm, Those Delicious Fresh Fruits and Vegetables”
    During the month of May and early June, many of the Farmers Markets throughout the state of Delaware will be opening, and farmers will be bringing their fresh produce for many of us to purchase. How lucky we are, because meeting and getting to know our farmers means we know our food. Buying local ensures we have really fresh food and a great way to keep our small farmers in business. It is important to remember that vegetables are usually at their best quality and price at the peak of their season. Purchasing produce when in season also ensures its freshness. Always check the characteristi....
  • ¿De Quién es la Basura?
    La salud reproductiva en los Estados Unidos se encuentra en un descenso constante mientras que la producción de sustancias químicas continúa aumentando. La gran mayoría de aquellos que son afectados por problemas de fertilidad, abortos naturales, partos prematuros, y enfermedades congénitas son personas de bajos ingresos y comunidades de color. Muchas de estas comunidades están localizadas en barrios que están cerca de vertederos de químicos, plantas de energía, y otras instalaciones que contaminan la comida, el agua, y el aire. Por ejemplo, las mujeres asiáticas estadounidenses quienes viv....
  • 40th Anniversary of Earth Day
    In 1970, a Senator from Wisconsin named Gaylord Nelson raised his voice and called on every American to take action on behalf of the environment. In the four decades since, millions of Americans have heeded that call and joined together to protect the planet we share. Since that first Earth Day 40 years ago, we have made immense progress – from the landmark legislation of the 1970s, the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts, to the conservation of America’s precious landscapes. And since taking office, my Administration has worked to build on this progress. We have made a historic investment in ....
  • “Composting Is a Win-Win”
    This year the winter snow storms caused lots of damage by breaking and tearing branches from many of my landscape shrubs and trees. So, most of my April has been pruning off, trying to repair injured plants and cleaning up my flower beds. Pruning makes them healthier and able to repair themselves for this year’s growing season. That’s why I am so happy I have a compost pile; one, to have great organic material to add in planting holes to help new plants get a boost for growing, and second, to have a place to put my pruned pieces and other old plant debris. I am recycling this compost ar....
  • Sussex County Master Gardeners Helpline goes live April 15, 2010
    The Sussex County Master Gardeners are pleased to announce the opening of the Sussex County Garden Helpline for the 2010 gardening season. The Helpline is a free and valuable gardening resource for the residents of Sussex County. Master Gardeners are able to provide information and help on a wide variety of gardening topics including: lawns, vegetable gardens, perennial gardens, shrubs and insects. The Helpline will be open from April 15, 2010 through October 15, 2010. Master Gardeners will be manning the phones from 10:00 a.m. to Noon and from 1 to 3 p.m., Monday through Friday.....
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